Terms of Use

General Guidelines

The CDF understands and appreciates the concerns regarding the privacy, confidentiality and security of information obtained from you. To ensure complete privacy, the CDF has adopted the Ten National Privacy Principles as contained in the Act. A copy of the principles may be viewed at the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner at www.privacy.gov.au.
Personal information requested by the CDF is only that which is sufficient and necessary to process your individual transaction request. Only CDF staff are authorised to handle your private information and information is only given to others where it is necessary to conduct the financial transaction requested by you.
The CDF, as required by law, supplies the Australian Taxation Office with annual interest payments made to our clients.
Some information collected on our forms may be required under Government Legislation, such as the Financial Transaction Reports Act 1988 for opening new accounts.
You can ask for information about your accounts or personal information by contacting us in one of the following ways:
• Email: cdf@cg.catholic.org.au
• Facsimile: (02) 6239 9896
• Telephone: (02) 6239 9870
• Mail: GPO BOX 1887, Canberra City, 2601
If you want to change or delete your personal details, please let us know.

Using Our Website

When you connect to our website, our Internet Service Provider records your connection. This record does not contain any information that identifies you personally or gives details on your use of the site.
The CDF does not use “cookies” to get information on your use of our site. A “cookie” is a file that could be placed on your hard drive by our website without your knowledge to allow it to monitor how the site is used.
If you choose to send us an email, your particulars are recorded, the request processed and then your email is added to our data base. Depending on the type of request we may decide to destroy the email without reference to you.
The CDF takes precautions to ensure any information submitted to our site is secure, however there is a possibility that information you send to our site could be seen by a third party while it is in transit.